Health Insurance Plans for International Students: Finding the Right Plan for You

Having health insurance coverage is essential for any international student. Health insurance coverage can save you money on medical expenses in case of an illness or injury and provide peace of mind that you are covered in case something unexpected happens. Finding the right insurance for international students can be a bit tricky. In this […]

How to Save on International Student Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S.

Are you an international student worried about the high costs of medical expenses? We understand that navigating a foreign healthcare system can be overwhelming, but having the right health insurance coverage is crucial. Don’t worry, there are ways to save money while still getting maximum protection. By comparing and researching different international student insurance plans, […]

Conditions Conducive to Learning that Promote Educational Change

This week, IEN shares the second in a series of posts featuring presenters from the Educational Change Special Interest Group sessions at the Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association.  This post includes excerpts from Lead the Change (LtC) interviews with the presenters from the session titled: Conditions Conducive to Learning that Promote Ed Change. The full interviews […]

The Top Five Reasons to Study in the U.S. or Canada for International Students

For international students who are looking for an outstanding educational experience, there is no better place to study than in the U.S. or Canada. Both countries offer an excellent quality of life and a wide range of educational opportunities. In addition to that, a degree from a university in one of these two countries can […]

Education in Malaysia

Katherine Chassie, Knowledge Analyst, WES; Justyna Peck, Policy Analyst, WES; Chris Mackie, Editor, WENR Although the U.S. is one of the most popular destinations for Malaysian international students, enrollment has declined steeply since the 2017/18 academic year. This ethnic diversity has played a defining role in Malaysia’s modern history. Public policy decisions have long been […]

Be you, be scene: latest edition of Vista is hot off the press

10 Oct 2018 The latest edition of IEAA's annual magazine, Vista, is hot off the press. This month’s cover story takes a behind-the-scenes look at Be You, Be Scene – an  innovative creative project exploring the lives of international students in Australia. Additional highlights in this edition include:       Download a PDF copy […]

What’s Changing Post-Covid in Finland, New Zealand, and South Africa: 2023 Update

This week Sarah Etzel draws on a scan of policy changes, research, and news articles to review post-COVID educational developments in Finland, New Zealand, and South Africa.  The report is part of an ongoing project that investigates changes in education policies and practices following the school closures of the COVID-19 pandemic (What’s Changing Post-Covid in […]